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About MEAPA®

The Area Agency on Aging, Region One is committed to the continued success of the Maricopa Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance (MEAPA®). Since the coalition’s founding in 1993, MEAPA® has been active in raising awareness and addressing the issues of elder abuse in Maricopa County, Arizona.

The MEAPA® Mission & Vision

Our mission is to prevent abuse, neglect, financial exploitation and domestic violence against older adults by strengthening professional and volunteer partnerships, intergenerational collaborations, advocacy, education, and resource development. Our vision is to create a community where older adults are valued, respected and protected from all forms of abuse.

A Committed Alliance

MEAPA® is comprised of more than 130 professionals from a variety of disciplines including government, healthcare, law, law enforcement, long term care, behavioral health and private businesses. These professionals work together with a passion for giving back to their community by protecting adults who are vulnerable or incapacitated.

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